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Out Performing In The Field.

No matter what the challenge is, no matter when or where, FORTS mobile field offices are the better choice for field command posts or tactical operations centers. Representing a new generation in this technology, they offer extremely rapid deployment capabilities, operational and logistics efficiencies, turnkey plug & play amenities, rugged, energy-efficient performance.

Applications Include:

  • Police field operations - crime scene investigations, crowd control, special operations, etc.
  • On-site fire command & control posts, forest fire management centers, investigations, triage operations
  • Military command & control centers in the theatre of operations.

The Possibilities are Endless

FORTS Expands To Take On Any Challenge

When prepared for storage or transportation, the FORTS field office only takes up 1/6 of its volume when fully deployed. That means it can be efficiently and rapidly delivered to operational areas - by land, by sea, or by air. Once in position, it can be expanded in as little as ten minutes by a team of only three people. That means you can respond quickly and effectively to a challenge, anytime and anywhere.

The Ultimate In Field Efficiency & Performance.

Able to be configured with private or open floor plans, and equipped with plug & play HVAC, electrical, lighting and data connections, FORTS field units can be adapted to any application you require. Amenities can include kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other custom features.

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FORTS Mobilizer Will Travel.

  • No forklift or hydraulic lifting mechanisms required.
  • DMV and NHTSA certified
  • No need for a commercial drivers license.
  • Built-in storage for equipment and generator.
  • FORTS unit loads or unloads in less than 10 minutes.
  • Simple precision design made with high quality materials.

FORTS Portable Field Offices Really Stacks Up Against the Competition.

Compared to anything else available, FORTS portable field offices deliver a vastly superior solution for tactical field offices. Check out the benefits compared to other major portable shelters on the market - then contact us for more information.

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Hear What Others Have to Say:

“ We have used FORTS for various Emergency Responses such as Summit Fire, Mountain Fire, Silver Fire, as well as Search and Rescue Missions, and flooding incidents. Our team of specialists is always prepared for the next incident thanks to FORTS. ”

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