Strut Your Stuff In Style.

At 16`x 16`and with lots of large windows, the FORTS showroom is an exceptional venue for presenting your wears. Whether it`s a real estate sales center, a new product demonstration or a gallery, the FORTS mobile showroom is both luxurious and replete with a wide variety of amenities to help you make the sale.

Capitalizing On Opportunity.

Folding out to six times its transportation volume, in just ten minutes by a team of three people, this unit is the ultimate in ease of use. Because of its small shipping footprint, it can be delivered by an F-150 pickup truck, and wheeled down hallways and through doorways before assembly.

FORTS Mobilizer Will Travel.

  • No forklift or hydraulic lifting mechanisms required.
  • DMV and NHTSA certified
  • No need for a commercial drivers license.
  • Built-in storage for equipment and generator.
  • FORTS unit loads or unloads in less than 10 minutes.
  • Simple precision design made with high quality materials.

Customize Your Showroom with Add-Ons.

Enhance your luxurious FORTS portable building with a series of add-ons for a truly personalized experience. Here are some of our most popular items:

FORTS portable military shelters Kitchen Bathrooms laundry
  • Accessibility - ADA compliant ramps, steps and wheelchair access
  • Branding - Overhead signs, decal wrapping or display of company colors
  • Furnishing - A wide array of furnishing packages to fit your showroom needs
  • Skirting - High impact visual skirting can include , fabric canvas skirting, a picket fence and even shrubbery

Making All The Right Connections.

One of the most remarkable features of FORTS® fold-out shelters is how versatile they are. Yes, they provide substantial transportation and storage economies, while featuring a wide variety of plug & play amenities and energy-efficient performance capabilities. But they are also designed to connect together in a modular fashion, forming larger compounds.

Expanding To Meet Your Needs.

FORTS® vestibule provides a walkway that connects multiple shelters together, creating the ability to make complexes. The units themselves have connections built right in, to facilitate easy assembly.

FORTS® Suite FORTS® Boutique FORTS® Showroom FORTS® Hospitality

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Hear What Others Have to Say:

“ Choosing FORTS suites for our last event was a brilliant choice. We will NEVER go back to renting the usual trailer unit. The unit was so spacious and comfortable, it was all too easy to forget that we were working in a temporary structure. It really did feel and look like a full scale office! ”

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