The Best Strategy For Any Theater Of Operations.

Military challenges can present themselves at anytime, anywhere around the globe. Success depends on assembling the most effective resources in the shortest amount of time. That's why C-FORTS and FORTS fold-out portable buildings are the clear choice for the military in today's world.

By Land. By Sea. By Air.

Because they fold out, they can be easily transported - by land, by sea, or by air - and stored until required at a fraction of their expanded volume. They can be easily assembled in just ten minutes by a team of three people. And once they are, they are fully operational - with plug & play HVAC, lighting, data and electric.

Portable Military Shelter Compound C-FORTS 96 Shelter C-FORTS 48 Shelter

From One Portable Building - Many...

Options can also include kitchens, bathrooms and walkways which allow FORTS fold-out shelters to be conjoined, forming a compound tailored to your needs. These units are rugged, fully insulated, durable, and fire resistant and waterproof.

What's more, they have a lifespan of up to thirty years - and are functional in the most demanding weather conditions, including in the desert, in the Arctic and other challenging terrain.

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This Is State-Of-The-Art, Breakthrough Technology.

  • Private or open floor plans
  • Fully integrated plug & play, HVAC, lighting, data and electric
  • Can include kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or other custom features
  • Waterproof, designed for extreme weather conditions
  • Fire resistant
  • Secure for up to 170 mph wind loads
  • an be customized according to your needs
  • 30 Year life cycle

Hear What Others Have to Say:

“ We have used FORTS for various Emergency Responses such as Summit Fire, Mountain Fire, Silver Fire, as well as Search and Rescue Missions, and flooding incidents. Our team of specialists is always prepared for the next incident thanks to FORTS. ”

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