The C-FORTS 96 Shelter.

The C-FORTS 96 fold-out shelters come with all the features and benefits that make C-FORTS modular buildings so advantageous for the military, including an expandable design, facilitating rapid transportation via land, sea or air.

Rugged Weatherproof Construction.

C-FORTS portable buildings can be deployed in less than ten minutes by a team of three people, and include plug & play amenities, rugged weatherproof construction - and come with optional kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and vestibule for assembling complexes.

The C-FORTS 96 is available in two models:

C-FORTS 96x102 Measurements:

Shipping: 8’6”H x 8’W x 20’L
Deployed: 8’6”H x 21’1”W x 20’L
Interior: 7’H x 20’3”W x 15’6”L
Unit Weight: 8400 lbs.

C-FORTS 96x96 Measurements:

Shipping: 8’H x 8’W x 20’L
Deployed: 8’H x 20’1”W x 20L
Interior: 6’6”H x 19’3”W x 15’6”L
Unit Weight: 8000 lbs.

The C-FORTS 96 Features Include:

C-FORTS 96 units come with built-in 2 Ton Bard HVAC and storage cabinets mounted in place. C-FORTS 96 equals a 8’x20’ ISO container opens to 20’ x 20’ exterior.

  • Multi-Room Options
  • 100 amp Electric Service Panel, LED Lighting
  • CSC Certified for Transport, C-130 Capability
  • Stackable to Create Two Story Shelter
Portable Military Shelter Compound C-FORTS 96 Shelter C-FORTS 48 Shelter

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“ We have used FORTS for various Emergency Responses such as Summit Fire, Mountain Fire, Silver Fire, as well as Search and Rescue Missions, and flooding incidents. Our team of specialists is always prepared for the next incident thanks to FORTS. ”

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